We’ve compiled a couple of lists of all the questions we are regularly asked about us, testing and tagging, and relevant electrical stuff in general.  If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for here, don’t hesitate to contact us!



Who is responsible for safety at work?
Can I save money by doing the testing and tagging in-house?
I think the Standard requires me to test too often.  Can I make up my own testing frequency?
What constitutes a Hostile Environment?
Do all businesses
have to test and tag their electrical equipment?
How long will it take to test and tag my electrical equipment?
Will my staff have to stop working while the testing and tagging is done?
Do I have to have equipment in all areas of my business tested, or just the workshop?
Are there rules about what does and doesn’t need testing?
Who is responsible for equipment that is hired out?
What is a “Competent Person”?
Does New equipment have to be tested and tagged before being put into service?
Does Second-Hand or Repaired equipment have to be tested and tagged before being put into service?
Do my tags have to be a specific colour?
What happens if my equipment doesn’t pass the inspection and testing?
What records do I need to keep?
What is Class I and Class II equipment?


About Jez Test and Tag

What are the hours of operation of Jez Test and Tag?
How much will it cost to have Jez Test and Tag do my testing and tagging?
What areas does Jez Test and Tag work in?
What sorts of businesses does Jez Test and Tag service?
Does Jez Test and Tag have a robust management system?
What deliverables does Jez Test and Tag provide?
Will Jez Test and Tag repair our equipment if it is damaged or fails a test?
Is the equipment that Jez Test and Tag uses up to the job?


A Bit About Testing and Tagging

What is a PAT, and PAT tester?
Doesn’t a Multimeter do the job just as well as a PAT Tester?
What equipment and appliances do I need to get tested?
Do I need to test personal equipment Staff bring to work?
What does the Inspection, Testing and Tagging process involve?
How often do I need to have my equipment tested?


Electrical Equipment

What is a Residual Current Device (RCD)?
What is a Portable RCD?
Do RCDs need to be tested?
What is the difference between an RCD and a Circuit Breaker or Surge Protector?
What is a Circuit Breaker?
Does my Microwave Oven need extra testing?