Properly maintained firefighting equipment can save lives and your business. Outdated and unmaintained firefighting equipment pose a far greater financial risk than the cost of regular maintenance.  That’s why it’s critical to have fire extinguishers and Fire Blankets on your premises regularly tested by professional fire technicians.

Inspecting all firefighting equipment from time to time is necessary to ensure they comply with the Australian specifications for fire extinguishers as set out in the standard AS/NZS 1851.

You should set fire Extinguisher testing at 6-monthly intervals. Visual inspections are needed to check that the extinguisher is charged and to inspect the extinguisher cylinder for cracks or imperfections in the cylinder lining and any corrosion that might indicate the need for a replacement cylinder. Your 6-monthly visual inspection is also an excellent opportunity to perform routine checks on signage, accessibility to the extinguisher, pressure gauges, safety pin, mounting brackets, and labels.

If your workplace has settings where fat and oil are exposed to ignition sources fire blankets are a must have.  Covering with a fire blanket is primarily essential to cut the oxygen supply to the source and smother the fire.  These blankets are also effective in situations where clothing has caught fire.

Like all fire safety equipment, fire blankets need to be inspected every six months for wear and tear to ensure they remain fit for purpose. A fire blanket may be the first thing you reach for in a fire, so you need to be confident that it is in good condition. Visual inspections check signage, accessibility, state of the blanket container, and condition of the blanket itself.
Fire Blankets are a single-use product and must be replaced if it has been used.

Jez Test & Tag provides our clients with a comprehensive report that details the status of each device inspected and tested at all inspections.


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Fire Extinguishers & Fire Blankets


    Fire Extinguishers & Fire Blankets
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